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Herrin IL 62948, United States
Point of Contact: Charles Tilley
How much is Charles looking to pay in rent?: $450
Charles is looking to live with: Anyone
Does Charles smoke: No
Does Charles need to be next to public transportation?: No
Does Charles have a pet?: No

Am 58 years old (nearing 59), disabled since 2006, homeless due to recent (& some longtime) marital abuse. Although can take care of myself & have my own transportation. Am very easygoing.
Additional Information
I'm one who will respect the rules of the Host who rents me a room & will abide by these. Will not disturb the Host in any manner, when I listen to music, or watch TV, will use headphones.

Reason why am looking to move to southern IL is so that I can get safe access to medical marijuana, which is the only drug which helps with my ongoing pain from a failed four level lumbar surgery. So that I can live my life out in peace. If the rule happens to be, to smoke outdoors only, that's no problem.

I used to smoke, now am vaping, which saved my life! Can do this outdoors also, or raise a window & blow out the fog. While it looks like smoke, it's not.

Keeping a roof over my head is my 1st responsibility, so will always pay on time. Always have over many years. Would prefer a female roommate, because I get along better with women than men. Many other men picks on me because of the lack of physical ability to defend myself. The reason why this is, due to my back, and can't lift but 45-50 pounds at most.

I promise the one who chooses to allow me a room with bathroom & kitchen privileges that I won't let you down in any manner whatsoever.

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